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Bosch Telecom, Inc. is a global provider of high-quality, innovative communications products and services. We dedicate our 90 years of experience to making you successful. The Bosch Group, a leading global supplier of technology and services, is divided into the four business sectors: Energy and Building Technology, Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods. We dedicate our 90 years of experience to making you successful.

This domain was recently bought and the website has been reconstructed from its original  1998 archive pages. If you are looking for the Bosch worldwide site, go to: If you are looking for the Bosch in the USA, go here: This site was originally created in 1998 in conjunction with the introduction of Bosch's local multi-point distribution service, or LMDS, which they promised would be the ultimate in the "convergence" of voice, video and data communications. Aimed at selling the service, the showcase displays both commercial and residential uses of LMDS.

World-class people in a world-class organization making world-class products - that's Bosch Telecom. Leveraging core RF and systems integration technologies, Bosch Telecom is growing its worldwide presence in the emerging broadband wireless market.


Jump ahead for a moment to 2015. Bosch's technological influence via their innovative communications products and services still impacted all areas of communication, including major online retail businesses such as When you look at the resumes of people within the telecommunication field, many have gone through the Bosch Network and Telecommunication Certification Program. Often times, individuals had experiences both within Bosch Telecom and online retail environments. One of my friends, for instance, is a Data Systems Analyst and previously worked within one of Bosch's business sectors, Bosch Healthcare Technology, dealing with cross-functional development, maintenance, and enhancement of databases and processes. In her role, she also dealt with product management, including the well-known line of Raquel Welch wigs available on Her background, managing such popular items, provided her with a unique understanding of managing data systems for complex online retail businesses. Apparently, this combination of Bosch Telecom and online retail experience is common among many professionals within the communications / technology sector.


Communications Challenges of Today's World circa 1998

Bosch Telecom, Inc. is a member of Bosch Telecom, GmbH, which, in turn, is owned by Robert Bosch, GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch Telecom, GmbH is a global enterprise with $3 Billion in sales and 90 years of experience as a full-line telecommunications company. One of Europe's leading telecommunications manufacturers, Bosch Telecom, GmbH has over the years contributed to industry growth, developing Germany's first carrier-frequency system in 1919, and today leading the way in fiber optic systems, digital transmission, satellite communications and ISDN standards.

In addition to providing a variety of telecommunications system solutions including the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of products for broadband network applications in the US and NAFTA markets, Bosch Telecom, Inc. addresses the worldwide market for LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Services). Specific products include point-to-multi-point radio, optical networking, network management, ISDN access, integral PABX systems, and DS3 protection switching.

Bosch Telecom, Inc. understands the communications challenges of today's world, and creates products and services to meet those challenges. A primary example is the growing demand by businesses and individual consumers for simpler, more effective telecommunications solutions. The growth in demand has created greater needs for abundant, cost-effective local exchange services. Bosch Telecom, Inc.'s LMDS product, SpectraPointTM, was developed to meet this requirement.


Bosch Telecom, Inc. created and manages an advanced broadband showcase, utilizing Bosch Telecom's LMDS technology and offering voice, data and video services. The Showcase allows consumers, service providers, regulators and investors to experience the power of LMDS first-hand and see the operational and financial benefits of integrating an LMDS system into existing networks.

You are invited to visit our LMDS Showcase web site

The Showcase highlights advanced broadband services, incorporating Competitive Local Exchange Carrier telephony service, high-speed data service, and multichannel video service. A platform has been provided for other advanced digital services including tele-medicine and distance learning applications. The showcase is a "virtual community" simulating four environments with a variety of wireless communications systems running simultaneously.

Feel free to browse this website in depth and return often; these pages will be expanded to provide additional information as it becomes available. Should you need more information on services and products provided by Bosch Telecom, Inc., please contact us in Dallas at (800) 296-4268 or by e-mail.

Thank you for your interest.

Bosch Telecom, Inc.




LMDS Network Design
LMDS Business Modeling
Deployment Cell Planning Tools
LMDS Installation/Integration



Point to Multipoint Digital Microwave Radio Systems
- Local Multipoint Distribution Services System
- Digital Multipoint System

Point to Point Digital Microwave Radio Systems


Cross-connect Systems
Compact and Large Scale
In addition to the Bosch FlexPlex series of multiplexers that can be configured to act as a Cross-Connect, Bosch offers two dedicated Cross-Connect Systems

Long-haul systems for bit streams from 2 Mbit/s to 4 x 155 Mbit/s and operating frequencies from 2 GHz to 13 GHZ (PDH)
Please email us for more information.
Antennas and antenna systems up to 60 GHz
Please email us for more information.



Flexible Multiplexers
For the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
The Bosch FlexPlex series of multiplexers can be configured to act as a Terminal Multiplexer, an Add/Drop Multiplexer, or as a Cross-connect Multiplexer.
The FlexPlex is available for various line rates in the SDH


Open NSU , integrated, multivendor-capable Network Management Systems, for
- PDH/SDH transport networks
- Broadband distribution networks
- Access networks
- Data networks
- CATV networks


ISDN Terminating Equipment

ISDN Terminating Equipment
System Specifications

Along with Bosch quality and precision come flexible solutions that work for today's real world ­ like NT1-Q Network Terminations.

NT1-Q network terminations are basic components in ISDN networks. They enable subscribers to use services such as high-speed transmission of data, text and video signals in digital format over an access line in addition to voice transmission.

The digital transmission format used permits two 64 kbit/s user channels (B1, B2) and one 16 kbit/s signalling channel (D) to be transmitted. Both B channels can be exploited simultaneously.

The signalling information and various service features are transmitted over the D channel.

The NT1-Q is installed at the end of the public transmission line coming from the ISDN switch of the local exchange and converts the 2-wire duplex U interface into the 4-wire double simplex subscriber S/T interface.

At the user's premises, the unit can be installed in a wall-mounted cabinet or used as desktop version

Private Network Systems

More than an equipment manufacturer, Bosch Telecom provides custom communications that work.
Bosch Telecom develops, services, and sells ISDN driven telephony solutions for financial traders, banking institutions, call centers and corporate networks. These solutions include PABX switches, turrets, telephone sets and complete ISDN systems with the following features:

  • Personal telephone management & billing
  • PC-based workgroup communications
  • ISDN telecommunications systems
  • ISDN video conference systems
  • New generation digital telephones
  • Intelligent routing and multiplexing

Private user mobility

  • CTI computer telephony integration

Communication between your PC and telephone
Call center and ACD
Video telephony
Videoconferencing systems
Voice mail systems

Mobile Phones

- GMS/PCS 1900 and GMS
   900 Dual-Band Capability
-  Weight: 6.7oz
-  Size: 5.6 X 2.0 x .74
-  Full Graphic 96 X 32
   pixels, 4 X 16 characters
-  Constant battery indicator
- Constant signal
    strength indicator
-  Incoming call indicator (LED)
- Easy language selection (4)
-  27 different ring tones
-  Display of
   last 10 numbers dialed
-  Display of
   last 10 calls received
-  Keypad lock
-  Automatic and manual
   international roaming
-  Automatic country code
-  Speed dialing
-  Automatic redial
-  Displays call timer and cost
-  Call waiting,
   Call on hold, Call divert
   (Network dependent)
-  DTMF signaling
-  Power save mode
-  Emergency call
-  Calculator


You are invited to learn more about our products at these trade shows and conferences.

ComNet '98 - Washington, D. C.
January 26-29, Washington Convention Center,

Expo Comm Mexico '98 - Mexico City
February 10-13, World Trade Center,

CeBIT - Hannover, Germany
March 19-25,

IIR LMDS Conference - McLean, VA
March 23-25

Telexpo '98 - São Paulo, Brazil
March 31-April 3, Expo Center Norte

Telestrategies Wireless Broadband - McLean, VA
April 20-22, McLean Hilton,

NMF TeleManagement World - Paris, France
April 20-24, Hotel Sofitel Forum Rive Gauche

Telecomex Asia - Manila, Philippines
May 20-23, World Trade Center

CWTA InterComm '98 - Toronto, Canada.
May 20-22, Metro Toronto Convention Center,

LMDS Winners Forum - Dallas, Texas.
May 27-28, DFW Lakes Hilton Hotel and Conference Center

Building the LMDS Market - Washington, D. C.
June 1-2, ANA Hotel, Shorecliff Communications

SuperComm '98 - Atlanta, Georgia.
June 7-11, Georgia World Congress Center,

Insights LMCS Strategies '98 - Toronto, Canada
June 22, King Edwards Hotel

WCA '98 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 8-10, Pennsylvania Convention Center,

PCS '98 - Orlando, Florida
Sept. 22-25, Orange County Convention Center

Expo Comm Argentina '98 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Centro Costa Salguero,

1999 Trade Shows & Conferences

Wireless '99 - New Orleans, Louisiana
February 8-12, CTIA, Ernest N. Moriel Convention Center

Expo Comm Mexico - Mexico City, Mexico
February 9-12, World Trade Center

SuperComm 99 - Atlanta, Georgia
June 6-10, Georgia World Congress Center

Telecom 99 - Geneva, Switzerland
Oct. 10-17, ITU, Palexpo


We moved into our new headquarters in Richardson, Texas in September 1998. All telephone and fax numbers were changed at that time. Email addresses remained the same.

Bosch Telecom, Inc.
1125 E. Collins Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75081

(800) 296-4268

(972) 852-6797

Bosch Telecom, Inc. information from archived 1997, 1998 pages